You vs The World (The Bear Grylls Guide to Never Giving Up)

Bear Grylls, illustrated by Jason Fiord

Bear Grylls needs little introduction as an adventurer who has survived and succeeded in extreme circumstances. In this book he uses his experiences in the wild, and in his daily life, to offer advice to young readers about how to prepare for life’s challenges and difficulties – and how to overcome them. Recalling several of his own adventures in a child-friendly way, Bear offers advice on how to overcome physical obstacles, deal with tricky emotions and handle mental challenges.

Not all Bear’s adventures went to plan. At the age of 11 Bear and his father became lost while ski-ing on a mountain in Cyprus. At 21 Bear broke his back in three places during a skydiving accident, after which he spent months in rehabilitation. During his expedition to climb Mount Everest he found himself swinging from the end of a thin rope over the dark abyss of an icy glacier. Yet he uses each of these daunting experiences to draw positive life lessons. He encourages his readers to harness their spirit of adventure in order to achieve small but important goals in everyday life, such as finding self-confidence, supporting friends, adopting a positive attitude, believing in the power of teamwork and being kind, which Bear describes as the “king of all qualities”.

The pages are visually appealing, with the text set in a large, highly readable type. Chunky graphics and quirky line drawings are used to emphasise key messages. You vs The World is a book that explains to young people how to survive and thrive, whatever the challenges they face.

Published by DK

Reviewed by Jane Walker