You think you know me

Ayaan Mohamud

For fans of The Hate U Give, this is a powerful debut YA novel which confronts the issues of discrimination and Islamophobia within a school setting.

Hanan is a model student quietly working hard in her traditional British grammar school. She is resigned to absorbing the taunts and comments that have followed her since arriving from Somalia six years earlier. When someone she knows is murdered close to the school Hanan begins to experience more overt racial prejudice. At the same time, she notices how secretive her twin brother has become. Ultimately, Hanan has to make her voice heard to challenge prejudice and resolve issues of family and  friendship. Written in the first person, this is an emotionally-charged book that can, at times, be uncomfortable reading. We feel it is essential reading, particularly with the inclusion of the backstory of the war in Somalia. The glossary of Somali words at the end is an added bonus.

Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd (368 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton