You Have The Power

Leah Williamson with Suzanne Wrack

 Motivational
 Encourages self-confidence
 Promotes girls’ football

Captain of the highly successful England Women’s Football Team, Leah Williamson’s book aims to inspire every young person, and especially every young girl, to achieve whatever they put their mind to, regardless of what others may say or think. The book is a positive guide to life both on and off the pitch, encouraging young readers to embrace self-belief. As the book’s subtitle suggests, “find your strength and believe you can”.

Williamson encourages readers to identify what makes them happy and to find the inner strength to have self-belief and to take control of their life. She is a strong advocate of the positive benefits of participating in sport: teamwork, organization, determination, self-control. The book if filled with stories and anecdotes from Leah’s own life. She stresses the importance of her family’s support in becoming a footballer and eventually leading the Lionesses to victory in the 2022 European Championships. Her family encouraged her love of football, even when other girls around her weren’t interested in the sport and when many considered football to be a sport for boys – Leah’s dad bought her a goalpost for the garden one birthday.

Williamson inspires self-confidence and encourages readers to push themselves if they want to achieve. Staying in one’s comfort zone will not help an individual to achieve their goals. She explains how she deals with pre-match stress and performance anxiety. The book ends with a simple but highly effective list of Leah’s ten rules for believing in yourself.

Ideal for 10+

Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Jane Walker