Wonderfully Wired Brains

Louise Gooding, illustrated by Ruth Burrows

‘There isn’t one brain in the world that is exactly the same as another.’

This vibrant book is written by neurodivergent author and neurodiversity champion Louise Gooding. It is an excellent tool to help children understand both themselves and their peers. The language is clear and positive, complemented by colourful illustrations to show how no two brains are the same and that all brains should be celebrated.

It’s full of facts and figures as well as brief biographies of some well known neurodiverse personalities. It covers all different aspects of neurodiversity from dyslexia to ADHD. There are some self help pages on brain care and next steps as well as a very useful glossary to help decode some of the complex vocabulary. As ever with DK, it is a great book which is incredibly helpful for both home and school.

Published by DK (96 pages)

Reviewed by Tash Hyde