Wild Song

Candy Gourlay

This is a powerful YA novel about a little-known history which deserves to be heard. The books is written as a companion, rather than a sequel to Bone Talk. It tells the story of Luki who leaves her tribe in the remote part of the Philippines and travels as a guest of the U.S. President to the World’s Fair in Missouri. The year is 1904 and there is an uneasy truce between the two countries following the American invasion.

A lot is covered in just 300 pages: the journey on foot out of Luki’s home, the voyage across the sea, a long train ride and then the experience of living at the world fair as specimens to be looked at. But this is not just a travelogue, there is a detailed and entertaining story about Luki and her relationships with both old and new friends. It is at times uncomfortable reading but absolutely worth it. Highly recommended.

Published by David Fickling Books (307 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton