Gabriel Dylan

Warning! This is not a book to read if you are planning to embark upon a school ski trip! It is, however, the perfect book to entice teens – especially those who love scary films – to pick up a book and get stuck in. The plot is simple: a diverse group of students on a school ski trip to Austria, are left stranded in their hotel following a freak storm; unable to escape, the students and their teachers soon become prey to some truly spine-tingling monsters. 

Dylan begins by calmly setting the scene – but the reader gets the feeling that something sinister is just about to happen. The plot takes a quick turn when the students realize that their teachers have disappeared overnight, replaced by some monstrous beings who are intent on hunting them.

This debut novel by English and Media Studies teacher, Gabriel Dylan, is an example of horror fiction at its best. It is not a tale for the faint-hearted, but as an introduction to this genre it comes highly recommended.

Published by Stripes Publishing

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton