When Stars are Scattered

Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

A  poignant graphic novel which tells the story of Omar and his brother Hassan in the Daadaab Refugee camp in Kenya. 

Fleeing from war in Somalia, and separated from their parents, Omar was only four when he walked across the Kenyan border to the relative safety of the United Nations camp. It took 15 years before he was allowed to leave and to create a new life for himself in the United States. 

Through simple language in a clear font and with beautiful coloured illustrations, readers are shown the reality of living in a camp with thousands of other refugees, and the life they all try to create there. 

The normality of going to school and falling out with friends is juxtaposed with the strangeness of walking miles to collect water before school or the celebration that owning a goat can create. 

Readers in upper KS2 and KS3 will find that there is much to learn from this book, but also plenty to enjoy and relate to, as Omar’s story unfolds.

Published by Faber and Faber

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton