When our Worlds Collided

Danielle Jawando

Winner of the 2023 Jhalak Children and YA prize

Winner of the 2023 YA Book Prize

This is a compelling read about fate, injustice and institutional discrimination. Jackson, Chantelle and Marc all lead very different lives but when they witness a stabbing in Manchester city centre, they come to depend upon each other and their lives change for ever. As the grief associated with the stabbing permeates across the city they become embroiled in further tragic events that lead to a shock ending.

The themes in this book make this a powerful YA story. The book is so relevant to teenagers today, especially those who have faced adverse childhood experiences. It will make readers question and rage about the conscious and unconscious racism in our society. Suitable for KS4/5 but recommended for adults too.

Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton