Wendington Jones and the Missing Tree

Daniel Dockery

Set in the late 1920’s, this mystery story for younger teens is reminiscent of one of Eva Ibbotson’s heroines in an Agatha Christie story! Perfect for fans of Enola Holmes.

Wendington Jones is an unusual 15 year old (and not just because of her name). When her adventurer mother dies, Wendington is sent a parcel containing half a manuscript in which her mother describes the mythical Tree of Life. Unhappily living with her grandmother and with grief threatening to consume her, Wendington sets out to find the tree and the other half of the manuscript in an adventure which will take her across the world. 

I really enjoyed this. It is aimed at 10-14 year olds but the length and sometimes more adult tone would, I feel, be more suitable to KS3 pupils. 

Published by UClan Publishing

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Reviewed by Rachel Bolton