Well done, Mummy Penguin

Chris Haughton

This picture book shows the emotions experienced by a young penguin when his mother undertakes the dangerous task of finding his food.

The young penguin’s father plays the important role of reassuring his chick. Little Penguin celebrates his Mum’s achievements by shouting ‘Well done, Mummy Penguin’. The intrepid mother penguin leaps, swims and climbs to bravely face the obstacles in her way; including some huge seals who are disturbed as the group of penguin mothers make their way back to their babies.

The illustrations are bold and graphic, conveying a range of feelings and actions successfully and simply with colour and expressions. As the father reaches out and touches his babies’ flippers we are reassured. The ultimate reconciliation of the family is dealt with tenderly and with humour, the confidence of the chick is clearly restored with his final request.

A satisfying story with all the key elements of language and story telling in place to make a firm favourite for young children.

Well Done, Mummy Penguin Resources

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow