Two Wheels

David Gibb and Brizida Magro

This book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of a young child learning to ride a bike in his cycling mad family, in their own voice.

Children who like wheels of all types will love this story. The importance of how many wheels you have on your bike is key when you are learning to ride. Those who are learning the skills of pedalling, balancing and being brave will recognise the stages this young athlete goes through, and if these things are not familiar, they are explained through the text and illustrations and will undoubtedly become goals for young readers.

The additional story of the cat as it watches, follows and eventually joins the family on two wheels draws the reader in and I can imagine that children would enjoy following this story as they share the book.

The feelings of the family (as well as the cat), are made clear through the illustrations. This everyday story of family life and the small challenges that young children overcome when becoming independent, is delightful in its directness and positive attitude.

A book that children from around two years old to six would enjoy with adults as well as alone.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow