Twin Crowns

Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber

The title says it all, two twin sisters are separated at birth after their Royal parents are murdered. Both Wren and Rose are entitled to rule Eana, the imaginary magical kingdom.

Wren was saved by the witches and has been trained to hate her sister and fulfil her destiny of taking the crown back to protect the exiled witches. Rose remained in the palace, fed lies by the evil murderer, and used her as a puppet as he controlled the kingdoms future. When they are both 18, Wren and her best friend Shen sneak in and kidnap Rose, and using magic, Wren takes her place as the Princess in the Palace.

What follows is vividly written and fast paced. The twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. Both twins are very different, face challenges they had never anticipated, and find true love. Like a Disney film, its good to see them get to know each other and form a sisterly bond.

It’s a fun Young Adult book that delivers in so many ways, although the divide between good and evil is a little cliched. I liked the best friend Celeste character who didn’t conform to type, but the outstanding reason to read it is the great portrayal of first adult love for Wren and Rose.

Published by Electric Monkey (HarperCollins) 2022 (507 pages)

Reviewed by Tash Hyde