Totally Chaotic History: Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly

Greg Jenner, illustrated by Rikin Parekh

For fans of the Horrible History Series, this is the first in an hilarious new Totally Chaotic History series by the Public Historian and top podcaster, Greg Jenner. It aims to explain the history of Egypt including the myths and the facts which it does superbly using a mixture of illustrations, maps, lists and prose with no boring lists of facts in sight! The reader is addressed personally in a friendly and chatty style, with a further dynamic as Dr Campbell Price, an eminent Egyptologist often intervenes to correct things! 

This is a book crammed with information and is not for the faint-hearted! A contents list at the start would have been helpful but a confident reader will find much to discover inside. The second in the series about the Romans is out later in 2024.

Published by Walker Books, 2024 (160 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton