Those We Drown

Amy Goldsmith

The sea provides, but only if you feed it…

This debut novel is packed with suspense, mystery, Greek mythology and horror. 

A group of students are given the opportunity to study for a semester on a luxury cruise ship, it soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. Some students have paid for their studies but Liv has been offered a scholarship to replace someone who curiously couldn’t make it. The other students constantly remind Liv that she’s not one of them and she doesn’t belong there. After an argument with her best friend Will, Liv starts to uncover more than she bargained for as he goes missing. Liv has strange and vivid dreams of sea creatures and soon comes to realise that everyone on the ship could be at risk unless they are part of this horror story. Add into the mix a mysterious group of super glamorous influencers known as The Sirens and cabins that smell of sea water and this is a gripping YA horror.

Published by Ink Road (Bonnier), 2024

Reviewed by Tash Hyde