This Wonderful Thing – Adam Baron

Published by HarperCollins

Adam Baron, author of best selling Carnegie-nominated “Boy Underwater” brings  Cymbeline Igloo and familiar friends back to life in a third fantastic adventure. Middle grade readers will enjoy the playful narrative form as alternate chapters tell the stories of Cymbeline and a new character, Jessica, and their parallel plotlines become intriguingly entangled in a mystery involving a lost and found teddy bear, inexplicable burglaries and an enigmatic historic medal. Both children must also navigate complex family problems which Baron treats lightly, and at times humorously, but always with great sensitivity and gravitas.

Short and snappy chapters that end on a cliff-hanger, and whole pages dedicated to one tiny phrase or a repeated scream in different fonts, make this a fast paced, page-turner which keeps you guessing right to the end, when all is cleverly resolved in a heart-warming happy ending. We loved it and hope Cymbeline returns again and again!