The Wrong Shoes

Tom Percival

Such a powerful book from author/illustrator Tom Percival. This is the story of Will who lives with financial hardship. His shoes are falling apart, his home is cold and he has little to eat aside from lunch at school. The book reflects the lives of many children today and addresses poverty, friendships, school and choosing to do the right thing.

Will’s best friend Cameron lives across the town but his life is worlds apart from Will’s, he plays the violin, has brand new super expensive trainers and always has a hot meal. Will lives with his Dad who is unable to work and unable to buy new trainers let alone daily hot meals. Will has a tough time at school with being bullied by Chris & his followers, not having the right equipment or being able to do homework but finds respite in art class with Mr Prince. He keeps his homelife close to his chest, not wanting to betray his Dad or admit his situation. 

Can Will’s Dad secure a job? Has Will made a complete mess of his hair? Will Chris continue to make his life a misery? Written to highlight childhood poverty this book includes a £1 donation to the National Literacy Trust to help change lives through reading.

Published by Simon & Schuster, 2024 (320 pages)

Reviewed by Tash Hyde