The Wolf Twins

Ewa Jozefkowicz

From one of our lovely supporters, Ewa Jozefkowicz, author of The Dragon in the Bookshop and The Cooking Club Detectives, comes a warm and original novel for KS2 readers.

Lucy and Alpha are twins. When their mum’s new job means a move to live in a forest each girl is affected differently. Whilst Lucy loves it, Alpha doesn’t and gradually the twins find themselves growing more and more apart. Can a missing wolf cub help reconcile their misunderstandings ?

This is a story with multiple themes. It is about basketball and it is about nature – namely the night sky and rewilding wolf cubs. Importantly, it is a story that highlights the theme of conservation and that people can have opposing attitudes. It is also about being a twin. The alternate chapters that are written from each sibling’s point of view is a clever way of encouraging empathy for two different ways of looking at the world. I really enjoyed this and could see it being a popular book in a classroom.

Published by Zephyr

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton