The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice

Rachel Chivers Khoo, illustrated by Rachel Sanson

A magical tale of a boy named Felix who learns how powerful wishes can be. Felix has a difficult relationship with his older sister which many children will identify with. Feeling sad and lonely, Felix uses his last penny to make a wish. At the fountain he encounters Rupus Beewinkle, wishkeeper of Whittlestone, who is usually invisible to the townsfolk. Felix becomes an apprentice wishkeeper and the adventures begin! Can Rupus and Felix join forces to save Whittlestone’s residents’ wishes from being reversed by a wishsnatcher? 

Younger readers will love this magical adventure story with fabulous illustrations to bring it to life. And there’s a map, who doesn’t love a map at the start of a book?!

A really good read with jeopardy, magic, action and a recipe for Snorlicks for when you feel downcast and disheartened.

Published by Walker Books (235 pages)

Perfect to read aloud

Reviewed by Tash Hyde