The Tower at the End of Time

Amy Sparkes

In the sequel to The House At The Edge of Magic, we find that feisty, pick-pocketing orphan, Nine, has moved into the weird but wonderful, twisty and magical house with the hopscotching wizard, Flabberghast; the feather-duster obsessed troll, Erik; and the kilt-wearing, wooden Dr. Spoon.

But Nine begins to think she might have made the wrong decision when the house starts throwing all of its residents this way and that, because it has a terrible case of the hiccups! In trying to discover a cure for the house, the friends seek answers at the Tower At The End Of Time. Their quest sees the friends navigate a series of strange and chaotic events with an equal mix of extraordinary people. 

There is much fun to be had in reading this book. The descriptions are bold, vibrant and nonsensical. Humorous moments abound, and there is a deep feeling of contentment mixed  with sadness when Nine uncovers a secret message from her mother. We definitely look forward to more of Nine’s adventures.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Justine Daniels