The Secret of the Treasure Keepers


It is refreshing to read a children’s novel that simultaneously informs and entertains.

Ruth’s mother works at the British Museum and Ruth shares her passion for archeology. When a plea for help comes from a remote farm on the east coast, Ruth persuades her mother that they must go and help identify some articles found in a field. They arrive to find a family in trouble, as well as some curious happenings. The tension is heightened by evocative descriptions of the wet, grey winter landscape of Eastern England.

Readers will feel Ruth’s unease as well as her keenness to help solve the mystery. As with all A.M.Howell’s novels, this is a wonderful book and will be of interest to any child who enjoys a good mystery or who wants to learn more about what is buried in the fields around us.

Published by Usborne Publishing

Reviewed by Justine Daniels