The Light in Everything

Katya Balen

Multi-award winning author, Katya Balen once again uses the natural world to frame this tale of blended families, grief and loss.

Zofia and Tom each have their own reasons why they don’t want their parents to move in with each other but when they hear that Tom’s mum is going to have a baby life goes from bad to worse. Fortunately, a shared building project and the kindness of new friends help fearful Tom and angry Zofia start to trust each other as they come to terms with their new life.

As with other Balen novels, this is full of beautiful imagery and is rich in detail. It is written in a dual narrative form with very short chapters which should appeal to many readers. There are even illustrations at the end to make your own paper crane – we challenge you to give it a go!!

Published by Bloomsbury

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton