The Last Tiger

Becky Davies, illustrated by Jennie Poh

Aasha the tiger lives in a forest full of life, but the weather changes and the animals are forced to find new places to live. Aasha is left alone with only the scent of humans.

This book deals with the impact of global warming and human activity on the lives of threatened animal species, in an informed and hopeful way. The illustrations are impactful and detailed. Whilst the animals are appealing, they also maintain an essence of wildness. Glowing fireflies, leafy silhouettes and fearful eyes are followed by empty lonely, tree denuded spaces, until a friend for Aasha appears.

The book finishes with lots of factual information, explanations and ideas for further reading and ways to help real tigers like Aasha. The story is written with respect for the subject matter it deals with as well as the readers, and would be a great choice for introducing and developing understanding of this vital subject with young children.

Published by Little Tiger

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow