The Last Thing You Will Hear

Jan Dunning

This is a compulsive read – I was gripped from the start. The story tells of two musical sisters, 17 year old Wren and her older and more beautiful and talented sister, Lark. Both are musical and both get invited to sing at a new music festival which is to be staged in their small town. In the background is the shadow of two girls who have gone missing but with a promise to look after each other and Wren’s close friend Danny next door their  parents allow them to go. 

Very quickly, Wren realises this is not what it seems and so begins a descent into a dark plot with echoes of the pied piper story and a brilliant exposure of the power of cults.

I thought that using the power of sound was clever and original, particularly with the way Danny has to use it (no spoilers!). The musical references are current and the feelings Wren has towards Danny and her sister are wholly believable. 

I highly recommend this  – it’s entertaining, intriguing and just a little bit worrying…

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Published by Scholastic, 384 pages (2024)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton