The House at the Edge of Magic

Amy Sparkes

Fans of stories such as The Worst Witch and The Chrestomanci series will greatly enjoy this new book by talented storyteller, Amy Sparkes.

Nine is an orphan pickpocket who lives in a Fagin-type cellar with nothing except a little silver box to call her own. One day she steals an ornament which begins a mad-cap, magic-filled adventure involving an unusual house with a pinny-wearing troll, a tea-loving wizard and a kilt-wearing spoon! 

As she begins to make new friends, Nine is challenged to break the curse the house is under, which will ultimately give her the freedom she so longs for. This is a lively story for middle-grade readers. It is filled with wonderfully riotous descriptions of magic that goes wrong and relationships that develop and deepen. The language is rich yet accessible and its ending is deeply satisfying.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton