The Houdini Inheritance

Emma Carroll

The English seaside, 1920s

A world famous escape artist . . .
A suitcase full of secrets . . .
And a death-defying stunt . . .

I absolutely loved this! It’s 1926, Glory and her best friend Dennis are captivated by Harry Houdini and his incredible escapes. When he comes to their home town of Sidford-on-Sea, Glory accidentally outsmarts him which leads the friends into a world of rivalry and deception. The story moves across the Atlantic to New York which allows wonderful descriptions of the sumptuous liner they travel on until they get to Coney Island in time for the annual Vaudeville Show.

As always with her books, the story is exciting, but for me it was the blend of real people, places and events that makes this new Emma Carroll book her best yet.

Published by Faber, 2024 (304 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton