The Colour of Hope

Ross MacKenzie

There is no colour left in the world. Many years ago, the Emperor had stolen it all, making everyone else live in drab, grey misery, at threat from the terrifying Ripper dogs and the Black coat riders. This is the brilliant new middle-grade story by the award-winning author of Evernight, Ross MacKenzie.

Yet there is Hope: a little girl found in a forest who still has her colour and so who must be protected. She soon becomes the focus for the Emperor and his equally evil aunt, the Necromancer. Hope, together with her magic protector, Sandy, and Oliver, a talking dog, journey through the forest meeting and helping people with their magical skills before  realising that not only do they have to protect each other but they must try to restore colour to the world.

This is a marvellous, original take on the self-discovery journey that so many middle-grade novels use. Hope is an engaging character, at times frustrating as she goes against the advice she is given, but she is always believable. The inclusion of a talking dog adds humour to a long, quite complex tale but the unexpected twist at the end adds an emotional depth that will leave readers feeling deeply satisfied. Recommended for readers in upper KS2.

Published by Anderson Digital

Reviewed by Justine Daniels