The Clockwork Conspiracy

Sam Sedgman

This new book by Sam Sedgman – co author of the “Adventures on Trains” series, is fantastic. Isaac’s father is a renowned horologist and charged with ensuring Big Ben keeps accurate time. When he disappears, Isaac and roof top climbing Hattie, set out to find him uncovering a plot set to alter the course of the entire world.

This is ambitious in its scope. It makes you consider the notion of how much society is controlled by time and it’s an excellent introduction to how the laws of the UK and parliament works. Above all it is a cracking, fast-paced read with mysteries, secrets and baddies all over the place. Fans of the film” Hugo” will enjoy meeting Isaac and readers of Kathryn Rundell books will enjoy the escapades over the roof- tops of Westminster.

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2024 (305 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton