The Chime Seekers

Ross Montgomery

Yanni isn’t happy. Together with his screaming baby sister who seems to take all his parents’ attention, he has had to move to the cold and unwelcoming Fallow Hall, a house with a sense of mystery and magic. Left alone with his cousin Amy, Yanni is caught in the magic of All Hallows’ Eve as a mysterious and evil faerie steals his baby sister and swaps her for a changeling. What follows is a fabulous action-packed adventure involving goblins, palaces, wide oceans, menacing statues and not to mention a talking signpost which guides Yanni as he and Amy embark on a quest to get his sister back.

Readers of all ages will adore this book. The descriptions have a filmic air to them (I loved the seabed of bones) and there are often moments of humour which create a light tone. At the same time however, the depiction of Yanni and his confused feelings of love and jealousy towards his sister and cousin provide an emotional counterpoint to the action which is a delight of pure escapism. All together this is a brilliant autumn read.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton