The Boy With Flowers In His Hair


Winner of Oscar’s Book Prize 2023

A beautiful story that says to boys that it’s OK to be kind and gentle, that you can be compassionate and sensitive.  A story that will resonate with so many people. It’s such a fantastic book to complement the work Read for Good does in hospitals.

David is a boy who has flowers instead of hair, his classmates are fully accepting that this is who David is. Until one day the flowers start to fall away… the reason for this is left deliberately vague for the reader to interpret – it could be trauma, depression or illness. Whereas his classmates are now wary, David’s best friend wants to help so he makes paper flowers for David’s head. The whole class joins in and soon David has new flowers. When his own flowers grow back his best friend keeps some of the paper ones… just in case. The bold illustrations against the white background bring the story to life. We loved everything about it!

This book is perfect for opening conversations about differences, visible and invisible illnesses and acceptance.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde