The Blue Book of Nebo

Manon Steffan Ros

Yoto Carnegie Medal Winner 2023 and multi-award nominated, this is a post-apocalyptic YA novella has great emotional depth. After The End came, 6 year old Dylan was left with his Mum in an isolated home above the village of Nebo in north west Wales. When the story begins, Dylan is 14 and Mum has given him a notebook in which they both agree to write their memories and as time goes on, their secrets. Written as a dual narrative, their relationship and survival is at the heart of the story.

This is a book which will make you both think and feel. How would you cope if you thought you were alone in the world? What would you miss and more importantly what would you not miss? Could you survive? The book was originally written in Welsh and one of its themes is the survival of the Welsh language. This would be an excellent choice for a class read and further discussion.

*please note, this books contains the death of a child

Published by Firefly Press

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton