The Beast and the Bethany

Jack Meggitt-Phillips, illustrated by Isabelle Folath

This page-turner reminiscent of the gruesomeness of Roald Dahl with a touch of Lemony Snicket thrown in, is sure to become a much-loved classic. We meet 11-year-old Ebenezer Tweezer who lives alone in a 15-storey house with a three-eyed beast lurking in the attic. In exchange for a potion that will bring him eternal youth, Ebenezer has to keep the beast fed, a deal which works well until the beast wants to eat a child! Enter bad-tempered orphan Bethany who then accompanies Ebenezer as he begins to discover that kindness, friendship and having fun are not only the keys to living well, but also the secret to beating the beast.

Published by Farshore

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton