The Agency for Scandal

Laura Wood

From the award winning author of the Poppy Pym series comes this delicious teen novel set at the end of the Victorian era. It involves secret intrigue, masked balls and a burgeoning romance between a Duke and a wallflower, who is, of course, anything but!

Isabel Stanhope manages to keep the fact that she lives in poverty away from both her mother and polite society. She also conceals her job as an investigative agent working for a shadowy female society who work to blackmail powerful men. When the theft of a jewel occurs, Izzy and her heart throb, the Duke of Roxton, must work together to uncover a sinister plot.

This is hugely entertaining with a fast paced plot and engaging characters set at a time when women had so much less freedom than now. However, its feminist tone creates a novel that is perfect for the contemporary young adult.

Published by Scholastic

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton