SuperQuesters – The Case of the Great Energy Robbery

Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss, illustrated by Amy Wilcox

This is the third book in this fantastic STEM-based series which allows children to explore STEM via stories and activities. This book is ideal to get children aged 5+ coding, problem solving and sequencing. We really love the combination of being able to enjoy reading or listening to a story and also extending it by being part of the story.

Questfriends Leo, Lilli and Bea have been set the challenge of finding biofuel to get a model plane to fly! They join forces and head to Questland where you and the Questfriends have to try and stop Lord Grumble from taking all the energy. The friends learn about different energy sources and by working together they thwart Lord Grumble’s plans.

There are reusable stickers included with the book plus a reward chart to track progress. If you complete all 8 quests then you can become a Superquester! Once again this is such a great book for home and school, some head scratching challenges to complete whilst learning more about different energy sources. There’s a handy glossary at the back of the book plus some additional online resources including activity sheets, extra stickers and top-secret quests. Plus any book which features facts about poo is sure to be a hit!

Published by QuestFriendz

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Reviewed by Tash Hyde