Super Daisy

Rebecca Smith, illustrated by Zoe Waring

Published in support of Little Princess Trust, the charity that donates wigs to children living with cancer, this is a gloriously colourful book brimming with positive messages for young children. Daisy loves to dress up as a fairy princess but feels miserable when her treatment makes her hair fall out. Imagine her delight when she discovers a pink magic wig in her old costume box that turns her into a super-hero. With her wig on, Daisy is able to rescue Lemurs at the zoo and help a little girl at the beach. Best of all, just wearing it makes her feel better. Picture books often provide a way of talking to young children about difficult themes, and the rhyming language and vibrant illustrations of Super Daisy tell an appealing story which will help both children living with cancer to feel more confident, and help others to empathise.

Published by Harper Collins and Little Princess Trust

Reviewed by Heidi Perry