Sticky McStickstick

Michael Rosen and Tony Ross

A special review from Freddie, age 6, and his mum, Jemma

What a beautiful story of hope Michael Rosen’s Sticky Mcstickstick is! I think lots of children who have had an illness could relate to this story. I know Freddie did.

It helped Freddie talk about his time in hospital, he spoke about learning to walk again himself. Sadly, Freddie lost the ability to walk in 2017 at his cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t until November that Freddie began to walk again, albeit very wobbly, just like Michael!

Then in 2018 a biopsy into his bone ended up causing a hip fracture and Freddie went into a special hip spica cast and was left unable to walk again for some time. Freddie really related to Michael learning to walk again with the help of the professionals and walking aids, and the need to build back his strength.

Freddie also loved the ending of the story where Michael’s family greet him when he gets to go home. Freddie remembered his last day of chemotherapy and all of his family coming to the hospital to take him back home. He said how happy it used to make him feel when the doctors let him go home.

Freddie thoroughly enjoyed this story and I think it has lots of cues for conversation if your child has suffered illness, or someone they love has.

Reviewed by Justine Daniels