Small’s Big Dream

Manjeet Mann, illustrated by Amanda Quartey

This book from the 2021 Costa Children’s Book Award winning author Manjeet Mann looks at the big world from the perspective of Small who is a little girl with dreams that seem too big for her family, and the adults in her daily life.

The irrepressible Small tries to conform to the expectations she meets, but this is not easy, even with the best intentions. In fact Small embodies a magic and strength that can’t be suppressed, but needs to know that she is not alone to fully realise her potential.  The awe and wonder of the world around her is a force that pulls harder than school and home and takes Small to the places that she dreams about and the others who share big dreams, no matter how small they are.

The illustrations build a sense of magic with colour and perspective that draws you into the life of Small and out into the big, wonderful world she longs to inhabit.

This story is inspiring and takes a realistic but hopeful look at the way children learn to meet the expectations of others, but can, and do go way above and beyond these.  

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow