Skandar & the Unicorn Thief

A.F. Steadman

This fast moving debut novel about unicorns and their riders is perfect for those who are looking for something with fantasy action, mystery and drama. 

Skandar Smith is a Mainlander who dreams of becoming a unicorn rider, he is lonely with a difficult home life. When he is selected to go to the Island and be bonded with his unicorn his dreams come true. However, things don’t quite turn out as he expected when he bonds with his unicorn and he finds his element. Then life on the island starts to take a dark and dangerous turn… Skandar and his quartet join forces to fight wild unicorns and restore order to the Island. Put aside whatever you think a unicorn is because this book will make you think very differently about them! 

Oh and it has a map… I love a book with a map!!

Take the quiz to find out your unicorn name and element

Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde