Sing Like a Whale

Moira Butterfield and Gwen Millward

Sing Like a Whale is a colourful, interactive book that will appeal to the liveliest, noisiest toddler and young child.  Who can resist hooting like an owl, howling like a wolf or swinging like a gibbon? 

The book features 12 animals from across the world, from a singing whale and a laughing kookaburra to a whinnying horse and a hissing snake. Each animal is accompanied by humorous depictions of simple animal actions and noises for children to follow. 

Moira Butterfield’s text includes some dynamic typography, engaging and encouraging children to mimic the animal noises and actions. Previous work by the same author has been highly commended by the US Library of Congress, and some of her books have featured in the UK’s National Curriculum. Gwen Millward’s charismatic illustrations will have children whooping and singing and shouting in no time at all.

Sing Like a Whale is perfect for developing listening and vocal skills and getting children to move around. While working really well as a fun activity book in a nursery or playgroup setting, the book is also very suitable for reading aloud one-to-one.

Published by Welbeck Editions

Reviewed by Justine Daniels