Tom Palmer

This is such a fascinating and well-researched piece of historical fiction. Acclaimed author Tom Palmer, (After the War, Armistice Runner, Arctic Star, D-Day Dog), takes the little known story of how Audrey Hepburn worked for the Dutch resistance ahead of the battle of Arnhem. 

Audrey, portrayed in the story as Edda, lives quietly with her family in a small Dutch village during WW2. As well as her love of dance, she volunteers in a local hospital and without telling her mother, agrees to secretly help deliver newsletters for the local resistance movement. 

Edda is a remarkable character who shows great bravery and compassion in the face of truly dreadful events. As time passes, the gradual breakdown of family life, her own health, and then the arrival of refugees into her town raises interesting and contemporary issues that children will be able to discuss in the light of current events. 

The book is published by Barrington Stoke, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. It would make a useful addition to the study of war and is recommended for upper KS2.

Published by Barrington Stoke

Perfect to read aloud

Reviews by school pupils:

“By far Resist is my favourite book! It is action packed, thrilling and makes you feel how the fantastic character is feeling sometimes. I got so into this book I ended up reading for hours. It is actually about the war against the Nazis. I recommend this book for everyone in Year 5.”

Ibraheem, Year 5

“One thing I like about the book is the front cover as it makes me feel interested and brings me self calm. The character Eda was a very calm lady and was mysterious at first then normal. This book gives both a mystery and adventure vibe because it is about the war. There are no photographs but the words can just help you imagine what it was like. This book made me feel interested and calm although it was about the war. I really enjoyed it!”

Maimoona, Year 6

Reviewed by Justine Daniels