Poppy the Pea. Oh what a great way to be.

Dr Fuzz

Poppy the Pea longs for freedom where her fellow peas are accepting of their situation. She takes the opportunity to escape her inevitable outcome with the assistance of an unlikely ally. Inspired by tales of Percy the Great, Poppy takes the plunge and begins her adventures!

“Oh, the stories that dazzle, inspire you to be!”

This pocket sized book with a sweet rhyming story is full of positivity. Lovely to share and read aloud with children 5+ or even to gift to adults. The story has some great conversation starters about chasing your dreams and facing your fears. A really accessible way to talk about the power of facing your fears and dealing with some anxieties. There are short chapters and if the main story is too much there is a refrain on every page which can be read to create a standalone poem. 

The illustrations are simple and perfect to accompany the story. Looking forward to hearing more about Poppy’s adventures!

Published by Fuzz Books, 2023

Reviewed by Tash Hyde