Poetry Prompts: All sorts of ways to start a poem

Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Georgie Birkett, Grasya Oliyko, Amanda Quartey and Viola Wang

A wonderful way to find out how poems actually come about, from our Children’s Laureate. This book is full of ideas to inspire people to write for themselves – writing on stones, ways to describe colour, a poet tree.

The illustrations are varied, stylish and very much central to the appeal of this book.

Perhaps most inspirational is the poetry that accompanies these intriguing ideas. The poems seem effortless, exciting and emotional and made me want to play with the forms and ideas straight away.

The instructions about how to make a simple notebook from one sheet of paper mean that anyone can get started on their own poetry. I think that the book would be great for teachers, children who can read and write confidently and any aspiring writers who need a kick start.

Published by Quarto 2023

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow