Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Chalice of the Gods

Rick Riordan

This new book is amazing! It is able to combine the original trio which we know and love with the mind of a much older Percy Jackson, (mind you, it is still the mind of Percy!) so seamlessly that it doesn’t feel as if any time has passed. It is also so nice to be able to get some canon information on our favourite couple.

The witty jokes and Percy’s sarcasm puts you right back into Rick Riordan’s fantastic world once again.

Percy is hoping for a normal year at school but the Gods soon put a stop to that with 3 new quests. Percy, Annabel & Grover need to find Ganymede’s golden chalice before it falls into the wrong hands!

(Review by Sophie, age 16)

Published by Puffin

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Reviewed by Tash Hyde