One World 24 Hours on Planet Earth

Nicola Davies and Jenni Desmond

This is a magical story book, set firmly in the real here-and-now world.  In the time that it takes for the clock to strike midnight in Greenwich, two children travel around the world and witness many wonders and also worries about the state of the planet. 

Fantastic facts about the natural world are interspersed with concerns created by global warming. Forests cut down for oil, the melting arctic circle and plastics polluting the oceans are all here, but careful, positive messaging ensures that readers have hopes to hold onto on each spread – whales that were once hunted and almost disappeared, are now doing well thanks to changes embraced by humans. Tiny turtle hatchlings make it to the sea and wildlife rangers protect lions in Zambia.  

Full of depth and humour, the illustrations are central to the thoughtful messaging. The double page spread format works to draw readers in, and clever use of perspective helps create a sense of awe at the wonders of our world.

Sharing this book with children as they begin to think about world around them, will encourage their curiosity, understanding and hopes for a positive future.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow