No Surrender

Scarlett and Sophie Rickard

Adapted from Constance Maud’s 1911 suffrage novel about English women’s rights, this contemporary, graphic retelling is a compelling and powerful read. Through the stories of Jenny, Mary and Alice, the lives of women at the start of the 20th century are revealed as each were caught up in the fight to give women the vote.
Being a graphic novel, there is much to commend about the intricate detailed illustrations that can be looked at and enjoyed. There are fold out pages with a depth of detail that is rarely seen and it is clear that much research has been done to replicate the original suffragette posters and flyers. However, the success of this book is the combination of these illustrations with tight, punchy dialogue which will leave the reader appalled at the social injustice of the time. It may also make them reflect on the similarities and differences today. It is a weighty read but oh so worth it and deserves a place in a classroom.

The format makes a difficult story accessible to a wider audience, especially those with dyslexia.

Please note, there are images of force feeding which was common practice at the time

Published by SelfMadeHero

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton