Never Trust a Gemini

Freja Nicole Woolf

A funny debut novel which takes me back to my cringey teen years where horoscopes mattered, relationships were awkward and days were spent wanting the ground to swallow me up! 14 year old horoscope obsessed Cat has found the perfect match in Alison Bridgewater, it’s even written in the stars. Except Alison is oblivious and the only sign of any romance is with a boy called Jamie. Enter Morgan, quirky and not cool and potentially the wrong star sign! It is both funny and excruciating reading how Cat navigates her life.

This 12+ chaotic rom-com explores being a teenager trying to fit in with the cool crowd and coming out as a lesbian. Most teens will identify with the mean girls obsessed with boys and looks, friendship group dynamics and awkward situations to cope with. Good to read a teen book not full of despair and death!

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde