Patrice Lawrence

From award-winning author Patrice Lawrence comes a truly powerful and heart-breaking story of a teenage girl in care, caught up in the criminal justice system. 

Charlene has a temper, has been moved from one foster placement to another and because of this is not allowed to see her much-loved younger sister, Kandi. When her foster mum’s son ruins the knitting she is doing for Kandi, Charlene stabs him with her needle. 

Written in the first person, this is a tale about a misunderstood teenager who rages at the world whilst crying inside for some love and understanding. The genius of this book is that it is impossible not to want to support Charlene whilst being outraged at the adults that have failed her.  Fortunately, there are characters who try to make her life a little easier and explain the choices she has, and the ending is both credible and satisfying. 

This would be an excellent book to use as a class discussion in KS3. Published by Barrington Stoke this is written for teen interest but edited for a reading level of 8+.

Published by Barrington Stoke

Perfect to read aloud

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton