Mysteries at Sea – Peril on the Atlantic

A.M. Howell

A golden age type mystery set on a luxury liner in 1936. This is the first of a new series by award winning A.M. Howell and perfect for fans of historical crime.

Alice is excited to be sailing on the Queen Mary across the Atlantic, especially as she gets to spend rare time with her father. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself the witness to an attack and then find herself caught up in a plot involving gold bars, secret notes and a cast of people who may not be all who they seem. Together with her new friends, Alice realises that they have little time in which to solve the crime before they ship docks in America.

I loved this! The attention to detail when describing the different parts of the ship combined with a twisty mystery drew me in. The storyline about the Jewish family fleeing Germany to New York introduces a serious, instructional theme to the plot but in an age-appropriate way. I can’t wait for The Royal Jewel Plot, the second in this fabulous series to come out.

Published by Usborne

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton