My Dog, Hen

David Mackintosh

A new puppy from the animal shelter behaves exactly as puppy’s do.

The child telling this story tries very hard to make everything alright, but Hen, the puppy, seems to have super canine powers of chew, and nothing is safe. Eventually the child finds the right person to help, and Granny’s home sewn, thrifty chew challenge provides an answer that the most expensive toys cannot.

What Hen learns during the story is one thing, but what the child who now owns him learns is another. This book is clearly one for anyone with a new pet, but also for anyone learning about living.

The beautiful graphic style of the illustrations supports the energetic puppy’s story, and work well with the text to provide engaging and unusual perspectives.

Published by Prestel (40 Pages)

Reviews by school pupils:

“I liked reading My Dog, Hen because the illustrations were beautiful and I really liked the message of the book as well.” – A, aged 10
“It’s very funny and well thought out. It has life lessons and is also very helpful and kind.” – E, aged 9
“I liked this book because it told a good story of adoption and care, and how you should always try your hardest to fix things.” – M, aged 10
“It was very interesting because it taught a good lesson and I hope they write more books like this. It delivers an important message to children.” – J, aged 10
“I liked this book because the drawings are cute and funny and it teaches patience and love.” – A, aged 9

“4 stars. My favourite part is when Hen is older and he snuggled his monster rabbit.” – S, aged 6
“5 stars. I liked that it had a happy ending.” – I, aged 6
“5 stars. I liked how Gran made a toy that he couldn’t chew up.” – F, aged 6.
“5 stars. My favourite part was all of it.” – J, aged 6
“11 stars. I loved when he destroyed the HOUSE!” – A, aged 7
“7 stars. My favourite part was when he was hiding in a box. I loved it because I have a dog.” – E, aged 7
“5 stars. My favourite part is when they take Hen home and he is still not used to being in a new home.” – G, aged 6

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow