Molly, Olive and Dexter

Catherine Rayner

A wonderful tale of hide and seek between friends. Molly loves hide & seek, Olive & Dexter are hiding but to the frustration of Molly they don’t seem to have worked out how to hide. When she tells them they have to hide properly they seem to have hidden rather too well… Molly starts to worry but when they reappear they reassure her they will never be far away.

There are lots of interactive opportunities with counting, looking to see where they could be hiding, talking about how to play hide and seek and spotting the dragonflies, bees and butterflies across the pages.

This beautiful picture book is the first in a new series by the award winning author/illustrator Catherine Rayner. The illustrations are expressive and gentle. A perfect gift and a lovely book to share.

Published by Walker Books

Catherine Rayner activity sheets

Reviewed by Tash Hyde