Mega Robo Bros: Power Up

Neill Cameron

From the fabulous Phoenix magazine comes this series of six graphic novels about two brothers with super robotic powers and their adventures in a future not very far away from now.

Alex and younger brother Freddy live a very normal life with their parents in London. They argue, they go on school trips and to a theme park. However, when robot attacks start happening across London they become involved in trying to stop evil robot 23.

This is a great story. It’s fast-paced, action packed and beautifully balances the everyday sibling squabbles and poop jokes with the more fantastical robot invasion storyline. 

As it is a graphic novel the pictures themselves are important. They are clear and colourful with a range of multi-racial characters to portray contemporary inclusive London.

Published by David Fickling Books, 2021 (208 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton